WA Little Athletics Regulations

Our Centre abides by the WA Little Athletics requirements which state:

  • Tops shall be in the approved colour and design for the club (our club singlet). A t-shirt of the same predominate colour (black or white) may be worn under a singlet for extra protection.
  • Shorts must be in the approved colours & design. (Plain black for our club)
  • Cycle Pants if worn must be in the approved colour & design as for the shorts or completely black and must finish above the knee.
  • Compression pants completely black (including stitching) or in the approved centre colours with 7cm x 5cm logo are allowed but must end at least 5cm above the knee.


Uniform for 2017/2018 Season

Our Committee has continued with the Sun Smart compliant uniform for all athletes. There are sun smart hats available for purchase during the year if you do not presently have one.

We have a new uniform which is being introduced this season, 2017/2018 (see image right). A uniform pack, which includes either a singlet OR a top, shorts and bucket hat costs $40. We still have some hats from previous season which can be purchased, until sold out, for $15.00

Please note, the OLD UNIFORMS ARE STILL ACCEPTABLE, and will be phased out over a period, yet to be confirmed by the committee. 

Sizes available are; 8,10,12,14, small and medium.

It is mandatory that athletes wear black sports shorts with no logo larger than a matchbox size.

Badge Placement

For the 2017/2018 season we require the following items to be placed on the front of the uniform, as shown below:

  • Little Athletics 50 year anniversary logo - top RIGHT hand side
  • Age Group Number - top LEFT hand side beneath the Bunbury Little Athletics logo
  • Registration Number - centered at the BOTTOM